Finally! I waited for years for my light bulb to go DING! I feel like screaming everyday for being able to find my purpose in life and a niche that would definitely interest and inspire you and might be able to help those people who haven’t found yet their purpose in this world we call Earth.

For years I’ve been thinking of what niche that interests me, that I’ll have fun blogging about and will keep my website going. I tried having my own business first before creating my own website but it didn’t work out because my products were handmade, had to make everything by myself and I was working as a callcenter and I’m a single mom had to take care of my baby when I get home from work and then have to wait for him to take his nap after lunch before I could start with my handmade felt bracelets and felt cases for gadgets. It was stressfull and exhausting because I have to be at work before 12am. I was lucky by then if I get a sleep for more than 3hours. I ended up quitting my job because of my body felt like giving up already. Thanks to the guidance counselor that posts pictures of every activities he had with random students. Everytime I see the photos he shares on facebook tons of questions would pile up on top of my mind. And thank you Mark Zuckerberg for your wonderful website the Facebook. 🙂

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